MYR-Simone D'AlessandriDate of birth: August 19th, 1985


Living: Civitavecchia


Instrument: 4 strings and 5 strings bass guitar


Sounds, images, words: life would be meaningless without Metal and all its different forms of expression, adventure films like "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Indiana Jones" and "Lord of the Rings", fantasy novel, aperitifs with Rum and Coke, Role Playing Game and big tits.


Sources of inspiration: the passion for music was born in 1985 when my dad, to let me fall asleep, found  the 'only solution': drive around with loud music. Once the car was extinguished, and the music was silent, Simone woke up inexorably. Ivo  introduced years later many rock facets and absolute musical geniuses like David Bowie, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and many others. Began piano lessons, which lasted too little to ignite the passion for musical performance. The turning point came in 2001 with the new Iron Maiden video, "The Wicker Man", a band and a musical style completely unknown to me. So, I bought my first bass guitar, a small amplifier and a tuner. And then I met MYR

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